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Frost Destroys Wheat Crop in Coahuila, Mexico  

Article tries to blame an "overheated world"


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13 Feb 11 - Email from reader in Mexico

Hi Robert,

This morning's Vanguardia headline says "(The State Association of Grain Producers) Ask That An Emergency be Declared." It also says. "Frost Destroys The Wheat Crop in Coahuila." They report the Loss of 40% of 5 thousand seeded hectares of grain in the Five Springs (area).

A key statement on the Vanguardia report says, "But this could be more serious, because for the rest of the harvest the yield per ton will be reduced considerably.”

In the town of Abasolo where it was "early wheat" of the autumn-winter, everything was lost,

I think your comments about riots in the streets for food are spot on.  Mexico also imports grain from Canada, BUT Canada's harvest this fall was far below expectations because of flooding.  Now Mexico's primary crops are also below expected yields. The cumulative effects of all this cold will not be felt immediately, but they will impact on everyone eventually.

Where was that "global warming?"

Best regards,
Alan Stover

Incredibly, the article ends with an Orwellian twist, trying to blame the cold on global warming. Somehow, an "overheated world" creates record cold.

"Allthough it is not possible to attribute any particular weather event to greenhouse gases, evidence suggests that what we are experiencing now is a preview of the disruption, economic and political, which we will face in an overheated world," says the article.

Even more incredibly, people are buying into this crazy double speak.

If I wanted to get really cold, I guess I should go to the tropics in July. Or if I wanted to get even colder, maybe I could sit on a red-hot stove.




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