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Freak cold snap in Britain

12 degrees C below the seasonal average


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18 Sep10 - "Britain will be hit by the first frosts of winter this weekend – with warnings of snow in the hills," says this article in

"The freak cold snap has come weeks early, after the coldest August for 17 years. Temperatures could plummet to -1C (30F) at night – 12 degrees C below the seasonal average, forcing millions to switch the heating on. The chilly conditions come before the official end of summer – the autumn equinox on September 23 ... Forecasters warned the Midlands and Wales would be worst hit and the cold snap is a headache for farmers still harvesting spring barley."

Coldest August for 17 years? says Chiefio (link below). Golly, bet they could do with a bit of “Global Warming” right about now… And “12 C below the seasonal average” is a bit more dramatic than the 1/2 C of hypothetical global warming too. And this is while it’s still “summer”…

Don’t even have the spring barley in yet. And barley is one of the more cold tolerant crops. If you are having trouble getting it up and harvested in time, it will be hard to find alternative grains to grow.

So I guess “global warming” means snow and frost in summer in Britain… Who knew?





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