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Food Shortages Coming to America?

22 Aug 09 – In this article, Holly Deyo tells of Iowa farmers who have suffered total destruction of their corn, who have "already sent their bulls and pigs off and are not planting the usual late crops. They are convinced of an early winter and are preparing for it."

She tells of tomato and potato blights in the eastern states and how gardens fared poorly this year - fewer veggies and fruits, or in some cases no vegetables at all.

Whatever the cause, Deyo warns, whether it is rain, hail, drought, or freezes, (or our entry into an ice age) “destroyed or damaged food supplies ultimately lead to higher store prices, shortages and in more extreme circumstances, rationing.”

California, Texas, Wisconsin, all are experiencing severe drought. “Marketing economist Dr. Mark Welch expects drought to cut Texas' corn crops by 45%, sorghum by 69%, and wheat 62%.”

In Canada, some farmers expect to harvest only 20-25% of their usual yield and have been forced to sell their herds. “Ditto in Argentina, except their animals are dying before they get to market. Cuba and Guatemala are also experiencing food worries.”

Pakistan, India, Afica and China, which have trouble growing enough food in normal times, are in terrible shape because of drought.

“Take serious stock of your food storage inventories,” says Deyo. “Purchase what you need now for the months ahead and pack safely for long-term storage. Packed properly, these foods will keep you well-fed years down the road and "your grocery store" will be no further away than your pantry. You'll remember your cleverness of foresight should H1N1 quarantines become a reality.”

See entire article, with photos and a map of drought-stricken areas:
Thanks to Eunice Farmilant for this link





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