Floods swamp central Britain 

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24 July 07



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Chaos as heavy rain brings floods
20 Jul 07 - Helicopters flew in to rescue people from homes in Worcestershire, a hospital was flooded in West Sussex and a man died in his home in Cumbria.

The Glade music festival near Aldermaston, Reading, had to be suspended because of severe flooding with cars reported "floating around" in the car park.

Parts of south London were badly hit, with roads submerged under 2ft of water in some parts.

In West Sussex, Worthing Hospital was flooded by 18in of water, with many homes also flooded across the county.
Thanks to Hans Schreuder in Ipswich, UK for this link
"If this amount of rain was to fall as snow one day," says Hans, "then it's the end of England!

Traffic and infrastructure are buckling already and it's only water . . . ."

Flooding has affected Maidenhead in Berkshire badly

Floods swamp central Britain, thousands flee
'Total chaos,' says one evacuee, 'cars floating past' and even goldfish

23 Jul 07 - Torrential rains have plagued Britain over the past month — nearly 5 inches 
fell in some areas on Friday alone — and more downpours were expected until at least 
Tuesday. Officials warned that the western section of the River Thames — some 80 miles f
rom London — was on the verge of bursting its banks.

Two months of rain in just one day
21 Jul 07 - Some of the heaviest rainfall in living memory deluged southern Britain yesterday, 
inundating places with up to one sixth of their entire annual rainfall in less than 24 hours.

Downpours knocked out satellite communications, cut power, forced schools and homes 
to be evacuated, and badly disrupted roads and railways.

Steve Randall, a forecaster for the Met Office, said: "I've never seen anything like it, and 
I've been in the Met Office for 34 years. It's an extraordinary amount, more like you would 
expect in a tropical rainforest."

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