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Fake photo in Science article

Same background also available with
one emperor penguin or three

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9 May 10 - ABC recently reported on a letter signed by 250 scientists published in the journal Science.

The letter is accompanied by a photo of a lone Polar Bear apparently stranded on an iceberg.

The photo is a fake.

The same background is also available from with one emperor penguin or three.

See entire article:
Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link

      "Gotta wonder if any of the "information" we have gotten
       on climate change/global warming is real," says Benjamin

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From the Science CYA department

11 May 10 - When you go to Science magazine's website with the phony photo of the polar bear, you'll now find a different photo. Below the photo you'll find this note:

[Correction: A note on this image.]
If you click on the Correction notice, you'll find this:


Due to an editorial error, the original image associated with this Letter was not a photograph but a collage. The image was selected by the editors, and it was a mistake to have used it. The original image has been replaced in the online HTML and PDF versions of the article with an unaltered photograph from National Geographic.

The original image published in error can be seen here (credit:

Thanks to Stephanie Relfe and Tom Ogburn for this info

     "What’s the big deal?" asks Stephanie. " Polar bears can swim for miles. 
       This only means something if they say how far they are from land."

     "No admission that the premise was wrong also," says Tom.





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