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Extreme weather and earthquake danger imminent,

says astrophysicist

March 23rd - 27th


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23 Mar 11 - Extreme weather and earthquake danger is imminent around 23rd-27th March, warns astrophysicist Piers Corbyn.

The very active solar region which emerged from the SE limb of the sun on the morning of 21st March is crackling with dangerous activity including extreme UV radiation and up to 50Mev proton bursts. This fits our long-range warning issued during February.

We warned of these dangers - with weather event detail for USA, West Europe, Australia, New Zealand and BanglaDesh, in forecasts issued around the end of February and repeated on the posting "15/16...March THE DANGEROUS TIMES THE WORLD IS IN...."

Watch for major earthquakes

"The recent extreme Earthquake events in the world were preceded by extreme events on the sun - specifically X level solar flares and related proton bursts," says Corbyn.

"It appears to us that it is always the case that extreme weather and earthquake events are preceded by extreme events on the sun and historically proton events which are usually associated with X flares are an especially reliable warning of extreme weather, storm formation and earthquake events.

"We have no forecast of specifically where the earthquake events are most likely except to say that the Pacific 'ring of fire' is very vulnerable and new serious earthquake events in Japan and /or the West USA are very possible.

Some other researchers** have also been making warnings of earthquake events around the present period. My main risk periods are a bit later than theirs because although lunar tidal effects (such as 'Supermoon' 19th March) are important we find the solar hits are crucial determinants.
      (**Links to these forecasts by others available here )

Extreme weather events  

"The weather events are expected in two waves ~23/24th and ~26/27th and extreme earthquake events risk is significantly enhanced all through this period 23-27th but probably more enhanced later with high risk continuing a day or so after 27th.

"The long range predicted weather events in the double period 23-27th March include:

- Snow deluges / cold blasts in N/ NE Britain & NW Europe

- USA A double whammy of major snow & blizzards (esp 25-27th)
        Great Lakes & West thereof; Tornadoes in South 

- Australia Tropical Cyclone formation likely East of Queensland and Tornado possible New Zealand (North Island) prob 23/24th. Tornado formation risk is high in Bangladesh 26/27th

See entire article:
Thanks to Steve Barlog  for this link





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