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Extreme cold kills gorillas in Rwanda

Mainstream media somehow "missed" this story 


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19 May 10 - Four rare mountain gorillas were found dead in Rwanda, apparently victims of extreme cold.

"While it is not unusual to witness death of infant gorillas during the first three months, the sudden death of all the four, is not only very shocking, but also is such a great loss to Rwanda and the entire conservation team," said Rica Rwigamba of the Rwanda Development Board..

Rwanda's New Times reported that the group of gorillas live in the Karisimbi area which has seen unusually cold weather conditions in recent days.

"Climate change alarmists (global warming alarmists) frequently cite a warming climate and decreased sea ice which will lead to losses of the polar bear population – a fact which has yet to be born out."

"(The alarmists) repeated use of faked imagery using polar bears * causes a great deal of amusement amongst skeptics and this report of unusually cold weather affecting a warm climate is likely to add fuel to their fire."

The mainstream media in the U.S. apparently somehow "missed" this story. I'm sure they'll be very happy that one of my readers forwarded it to me so it can still get some coverage.

See entire article:
Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link

        "Guess this is caused by global warming too," says Benjamin

* Also see my article about the Fake Photo in Science:




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