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Extreme cold wiped out British seven times
during past 700,000 years

Last colonization less than 12,000 years ago

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6 Sep 06 - This startling conclusion came after a five-year study of British
prehistoric sites showed that the last colonization occurred less than 12,000
years ago. This makes Britain a younger country than Australia, which has
been continuously inhabited for at least 50,000 years.

"Britain had to be repopulated over and over again. Completely new people
had to come back, sometimes with a gap of 100,000 years between these
occupations," said Professor Chris Stringer, head of human origins at the
Natural History Museum in London.

"Britain has suffered some of the most severe climate changes of any area of 
the world during the ice ages," said Prof Stringer. "Early Britons had to cope 
with these changes of climate. Often they couldn't and they died out completely.”

When the first humans arrived Britain was warm, resembling modern north 
Africa. The human inhabitants would have shared the country with hippos,
elephants, rhinos and hyenas.

       So much for unprecedented global warming.

But ice covered the country at several stages, making the environment similar
to that of Scandinavia. As an ice age approached temperatures dropped too
low for the unadapted people to survive.  

       I’m not surprised at this discovery. As you know if you’ve read
      "Not by Fire but by Ice," I think we’re headed into the next beat
       of this 100,000-year ice-age cycle.

       Our orbit around the sun  is not a perfect circle, it’s elliptical, so
       sometimes we’re closer to the sun than others. The  amount of time
       it takes for the orbit to stretch from nearly a circle to it’s elliptical
       shape  and then back to nearly a circle again, is approximately
      105,000 years. Called orbital  stretch, previous major ice ages have
       occurred in sync with this cycle.
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