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Eruptions as big as Pompeii under Arctic ice

Just a coincidence that that's where

the ice is melting?


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26 Nov 10 - "One of the disconnects the Church of Al Gore/IPCC has yet to address regarding so-called Global Warming is why is it the Arctic ice extent is receding while the Antarctic ice extent is growing at historic rates," says this great article on


"Given the fact CO2 levels are ubiquitous across the Earth, if this was really a global climate driver we should see higher temperatures (and less ice) across the globe, adjusted for latitude and the amount of land vs. sea surface area."

"Well it seems we may have an answer to why the Arctic water temperatures were rising and the ice was melting – massive undersea volcanoes. (This article, Volcanic eruptions reshape Arctic ocean floor, says it well.)

"Recent massive volcanoes have risen from the ocean floor deep under the Arctic ice cap, spewing plumes of fragmented magma into the sea, scientists who filmed the aftermath reported Wednesday.

"The eruptions — as big as the one that buried Pompei — took place in 1999 along the Gakkel Ridge, an underwater mountain chain snaking 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) from the northern tip of Greenland to Siberia.

"Scientists suspected even at the time that a simultaneous series of earthquakes were linked to these volcanic spasms.

"But when a team led of scientists led by Robert Sohn of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts finally got a first-ever glimpse of the ocean floor 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) beneath the Arctic pack ice, they were astonished.

"What they saw was unmistakable evidence of explosive eruptions rather than the gradual secretion of lava bubbling up from Earth’s mantle onto the ocean floor.

"The natural basin that is the Arctic Ocean is possibly the reason why Arctic water temperatures were rising because the warming caused by these massive underwater explosions couldn’t really circulate out of the basin.

"Is it simply coincidence that the regions of the Arctic Ocean experiencing thin ice ... is the same region that is right over these massive undersea volcanoes just discovered?

See entire great article, including graphs:
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