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Engineer concurs - Christchurch could be
headed for volcanic eruption

Subduction-zone volcanoes never go extinct, only dormant

cities of Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin


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24 Feb 11 

Dear Robert,

I concur with Neil Love about the possibility of the Christchurch volcanoes becoming active. New Zealand in general and the South Island especially sits astride a subduction zone where the sea floor on the west side is pushing under the sea floor on the east side causing uplift. The result of this uplift is the Southern Alps.
                  New Zealand tectonics
                Thanks to Paul Fazey for this graphic

Subduction zones always have associated volcanoes inland from the point of contact and on the east coast of the South Island are several, each one occupied by a major town or city: Christchurch, Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin. Subduction zone volcanoes are never extinct, only dormant. Look at Mt St Helens. I have included a link which explains this along with several pictures.


Paul Fazey
Senior Reconciliation Engineer


Amazing animated map of Christchurch area
Shows every quake since Sept 4, one by one by one.
(Wait a few seconds after it loads and you'll see
what I mean.)
Thanks to Cam McNaughton for this link


Subduction zone cross section
Thanks to Paul Fazey for this graphic

Robert here:

I talk about subduction zones in "Not by Fire but by Ice."

In the book, I propose that the subductiion process is driven by electromagnetic forces, electromagnetic forces held in check by our magnetic field.

As our magnetic-field strength weakens during a magnetic reversal, these tectonic forces are unleashed. I therefore expect earthquake and volcanic activity to continue increasing.

In a map on page 85, I show New Zealand sitting smack dab on top of a subduction zone, just as Paul Fazey says.

See also Is Christchurch headed for a volcanic eruption?


Tectonic plate boundaries
Thanks to Paul Fazey for this graphic


New Zealand geological map
Thanks to Paul Fazey for this graphic


Banks Peninsula, New Zealand, showing "extinct" volcanoes
Credit: Neil Love




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