Email from math teacher

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Email from math teacher

Here’s a great email that I received from a reader in Houston:


I'm a high school math teacher for a high school just outside of Houston, TX.  I was once a meteorologist.  I read your website and several others on the state of how the debate of global warming is going. 

On May 15, the high school had a career day.  The school had a local TV meteorologist coming to the school, but about 10 minutes before school started he called and said he would not be able to make it to career day.  The counselors knew I was once a meteorologist.  They asked me if I would fill in and talk about careers in Meteorology and answer students' questions.

I agreed to talk to the students. I thought that most questions would be about tornadoes and hurricanes.  I was surprised to hear that most of the students wanted to know the truth about global warming.  One of the students actually called Al Gore the biggest hypocrite on the planet.  I let the students know that the debate is far from over and several other truths about global warming, which included that CO2 influence on the temperature is logarithmic and the sun and ocean cycles have a much bigger influence on the climate than CO2.

Most of the students found the session to be very informative about global warming.  Not only did the students find the session informative, my fellow teachers thought it was very informative.  Several of them said next time they heard something in the news about global warming, they will question it more.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that many high school student and teachers can see through all the BS in the media and what other Gore followers are saying about global warming.  I think all the Gorebal Warmers should be looking for other jobs or try to be priests because then maybe more people will listen to them.

Chris R.
High School Math Teacher in Houston, TX

            “Gorebal warmers.” I like that.




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