El Niņo forms 

Not by Fire but by Ice


Updated 17 September 06



El Niņo forms in Pacific Ocean

- 13 Sep 06 - El Niņo, a warming of equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean that wreaks havoc with world weather conditions, has formed and will last into 2007, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported Wednesday.

"The weak El Niņo is helping to explain why the hurricane season is less than we expected. El Niņos tend to suppress hurricane activity in the Atlantic," said Gerry Bell, a hurricane forecaster for NOAA.

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center said the El Niņo probably will spur warmer-than-average temperatures this winter over western and central Canada and the western and northern USA, wetter-than-average conditions in the Gulf Coast and Florida, dry conditions in the Ohio valley, the Pacific Northwest and most U.S. islands in the tropical Pacific, and milder weather in the Northeast.

Weak El Niņo conditions currently exist, said Vernon Kousky of NOAA ,""but there is a potential for this event to strengthen into a moderate event by winter."





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