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Earthquake, tsunami, volcano hammer Indonesia

Indonesia's most volatile volcano


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26 Oct 10 - The signs were all there after scientists warned that pressure building beneath Merapi's dome could trigger the most powerful eruption in years. This morning, Indonesia's most volatile volcano erupted - three times - spewing volcanic material as high as 1.5 kilometres and sending heat clouds down the slopes

Television footage showed thousands of people fleeing the eruptions in panic, some covered in white ash.

This is a triple whammy for Indonesia, coming after yesterday's powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that pounded villages on remote islands, killing at least 113 and leaving scores missing.

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Why do I keep mentioning volcanoes?

Because ice ages correlate with huge increases in volcanic activity.

Here's a quote from Not by Fire but by Ice:

"Polarity reversals, equinoctial precession, and ice ages, all march to the same drummer. As do extinctions, new species appearance, volcanism, and rising land. Toss in the specter of massive floods, 30-story tsunami (tsunami is both singular and plural), and radioactivity falling on your head, and you've got the picture."

Just look at the last three magnetic reversals (kya stands for thousands of years ago):

34 kya - Lake Mungo magnetic reversal. Intensive volcanism. 

23 kya - Mono Lake magnetic reversal. Major volcanism. The Mono Lake event actually straddles a layer of ash (Liddicoat).

11.5 kya - Gothenburg magnetic reversal. Worldwide volcanism (Lamb). Mexican volcanism Afirmly@ dated at 11,580 " 70 years (Street-Perrott). Germany=s West Eiffel fields erupt (Lamb). Mount St. Helens ash interlayered with Lake Missoula flood deposits, indicating simultaneous events (Chernicoff). Glacier Peak, Washing­ton, erupts (Dawson). Alaskan volcanism of tremendous proportions. In Alaska and Siberia, ash lies interspersed through the piles of mammoth bones them­selves. (Hibben). Mt. Katla, Iceland, erupts (Dawson).

I fear that we are seeing a similar increase in volcanic activity right now.






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