Earthquake Near Yellowstone 

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9 May 07


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Earthquake near Yellowstone

8 May 07 - An earthquake damaged an apartment building and knocked bricks off the facades of buildings in southwestern Montana, authorities said.

The 4.6 magnitude quake was centered about nine miles (15 km) northeast of Sheridan, Montana.

It was felt in Helena and as far away as Idaho, according to the US Geological Survey website.

This follows an earthquake swarm in the area just days earlier (see below).


Earthquake Swarm Strikes Yellowstone

7 May 07 - Sixteen small earthquakes with magnitudes up to two-point-seven shook Yellowstone National Park last week.

The quakes began last Monday, just before midnight, and continued until last Wednesday.

Bob Smith, a University of Utah professor, says the quakes occurred on the southern edge of a volcano caldera at the center of Yellowstone.


The Yellowstone region is an ancient supervolcano that will one day erupt again, scientists say. It’ll be a colossal event that destroys life for hundreds of miles and coats much of the country in ash. Likely, such an event is far off.

Last month, we reported that activity at Yellowstone has been on the rise in recent years and that it is deforming the landscape in unexpected ways. Mountains are sinking.




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