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Down to a one-day food supply?

Email from a Virginia reader

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10 Feb 10 - There's a news report out today that food stocks in a number of grocery stores in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC are down to a day's supply at most including SAMs and WalMart.  Haven't confirmed, but things appear to be worse from Philadelphia to Jersey with Pennsylvania just now shutting down all interstate highways within its jurisdiction.
Problem with food, as predicted in every documentary ever produced, is the supply trucks cannot get through and our just-in-time resupply chain is breaking down.  In at least two major counties in Virginia and Maryland this morning, they pulled the snow plows off the road due to white out conditions.  Right now they've got a full blown "Nor'easter" with sustained winds of 70MPH and the lady has only just now begun to sing.  All major airfields in the DC area have been shut down and nothing is moving by air, land, or sea.

We're far enough south of this mess to only have 50,000 without power since last Friday, and the food is still coming in via the Carolinas.
Hey, did you hear that Chicago, in the middle of its own blizzard event, had a 3.8 earthquake this morning?

To top all this off, the big storm up north is reported to be hooking a smaller blow across the mountains at us tonight with another 3-6 inches our area by tomorrow morning.  And Accu-weather/FOX is reporting another big storm building out of the Gulf over Texas and headed our way again late this week or weekend.

You should see things around here, it's beginning to look like a war zone, minus explosions and gunfire of course.  It keeps going and they may start evacuating folks if possible, that is once they can get the road, rail, and airfields operating.
I'll keep you posted so long as my power stays on.




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