Double Talk

Not by Fire but by Ice


 Updated 5 March 2006      



                               What a bunch of double talk 

- 17 Feb 06 - Here’s yet another article screaming about how “global warming” is causing twice as much ice from the Greenland ice cap to advance toward the sea than was flowing toward the sea five years ago. 

The article, entitled “Climate change: On the edge,” was written by Jim Hansen, the "scientist” that Bush supposedly tried to gag. (I think he's more politician than scientist.) 

For years we've been told that receding glaciers are evidence of global warming. 
Now we’re being told that advancing glaciers are evidence of global warming.

What a bunch of double talk.

Advancing glaciers are NOT evidence of global warming, advancing glaciers are an indicator that we're headed into an ice age. Glaciers advance toward the sea because increased snowfall makes them heavier at the top and pushes them out at the sides. 

Any geology 101 course will tell you that the concept of glacier  mass balance suggests that a glacier is influenced by two processes: accumulation  and ablation. If accumulation exceeds ablation the glacier surges forward. If ablation  exceeds accumulation the glacier retreats.

See Hansen's complete article at:

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