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Disaster in Mexican States

(Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas)

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7 Jul 10

Hi Robert,

Incredible!  North and Central Coahuila, the city of Monterrey and its suburbs in Nuevo Leon and 22 municipalities in the state of Tamaulipas are disaster areas.  The magnitude of the damage caused by all of the rainfall from Hurricane Alex is only just starting to be realized and sink in with people.  In Monterrey, the cleanup alone is expected to take at least six months and the reconstruction required is optimistically expected to take two years.    

Many of the dams in Coahuila and Nuevo Leon are in danger of overflowing because of the extreme precipitation here.  (A year or so ago, governments were bemoaning the fact that there was not enough water in these dams!)

This headline reads: "Anáhuac, NL will disappear after the dam overflows"  The lead paragraph states " Because the Venustiano Carranza Dam, located in the municipality of Juárez in the state of Coahuila has surpassed its maximum capacity, approximately 18 thousand inhabitants have been evacuated from this location."

This headline reads: "There are already 80 thousand victims in Coahuila."  This lead paragraph states "REGION COAHUILA CENTER. - “Alex”, the worst natural phenomenon that has hit Coahuila in it´s entire history (1824) left behind economic losses of billions of pesos in this region, not counting the destruction of the road infrastructure that serves several isolated regions, in which three people have been counted as missing, there has been total and partial losses of 10 thousand houses and two companies, as well as loss of cattle and agricultural production."

This headline reads "Tamaulipas: They are in Danger"  -  22 of 43 municipalities in this state have been declared disaster areas.

The news reports keep coming in and all the while we are keeping a close watch on another disturbance which is now said to have a 50% chance of developing into cyclonic proportions.  It has already dumped a lot of rainfall on Merida, Yucatan.

As you stated, it is the extreme precipitation in the form of rainfall, not just snow, that leads to ice ages.  I fully believe that you are totally correct.

Alan Stover    
Saltillo, Coahuila



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