Not by Fire but by Ice


Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs . . . and Why it Could Soon Kill Us


Dinosaurs wiped out by sudden cooling, not comet,

scientists claim

A sudden cooling caused by global warming

Uh huh

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24 Apr 10 - British researchers claim that a sudden 16F (9C) drop in sea temperature more than 137 million years ago was the first step towards their long gradual extinction, says this article by Andrew Hough.

Gregory Price of Plymouth University, who led the study, said the sudden cooling in the Atlantic Gulf Stream came when the Earth was in a ''greenhouse'' climate very similar to today's.

The drop was so severe that numerous species of dinosaur previously living in warm, shallow seas, land and swamps would have died out.  

“We now believe that they died out gradually and it is very possible that this could have been caused by a series of climatic changes," said Price.

"The drop in temperature is thought to have occurred because high levels of CO2 were in the atmosphere which caused global temperatures to rise and polar ice to melt – a phenomenon currently predicted for Earth."

        This is silly. I agree that the dinosaurs were wiped out by climate change
        (an ice age, along with a bunch of other things, all triggered by a magnetic
        reversal), but to blame it on high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) is ludicrous.

        Carbon dioxide levels do not drive climate, they RESPOND to climate. The
        ocean is a CO2 sink - a carbon dioxide reservoir. When the oceans cool, they
        absorb carbon dioxide. When the oceans warm, they release carbon dioxide.

        Think of a bottle of homemade beer exploding if it gets too warm. That's
        the CO2 escaping. The CO2 doesn't warm the beer. If it did, don't you think
        someone would have invented carbon dioxide stoves and ovens by now?

        First comes the warming. Then comes the rise in CO2.

        It's so simple that a grade school student could understand it ... if their
        teachers would only tell them the truth. 
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