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 Updated 17 January 2006      


Ding-Dong, Global Warming is Dead!

20 Dec 05 - It’s always hard to determine exactly when a very huge, very
bad, and very wrong idea dies in the wake of evidence that requires even the
most reasonable person to conclude that it is, by and large, idiotic.

Why do I dare to mock global warming? Well, consider from whence it oozes
forth to infect the world. I refer, of course, to the United Nations, sponsor of the
recent 11th annual Climate Change Conference held in Montreal, Canada, and
attended by more than 8,000 government folk, environmentalists, and scientists
with nothing better to do. 

The United Nations has been experiencing its own meltdown of late considering
the stench of corruption and criminality emanating from its headquarters on the East River in New York . There’s the largest fraud in history, the Oil-for-Food
fiasco. There’s the sexual exploitation by its peacekeepers stationed in Africa .
There’s its opposition to actually doing anything to dislodge Saddam Hussein
despite seventeen Security Council resolutions over a dozen years. And then
there’s its plan to impose global taxation, which the U.S. media has managed to
hide from people whose nation was born out of a tax revolt.

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Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, “Warning Signs”, posted on the Internet site
of The National Anxiety Center, www.anxietycenter.com

Alan Caruba, December 2006

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