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Diminished Solar Activity and Global Cooling

massive campaign of hooey"

30 May 09 - (Excerpts) - As more and more real scientific data comes in, and we are able to move further and further beyond the mythology and high-hopes of global warming high priest Al Gore, it becomes clearer and clearer that the public has been fed a massive campaign of hooey for the past 20 years.

            Sunspot activity captured by the TRACE spacecraft. The bright glowing
            gas flowing around the sunspots has a temperature of over 1.8 million
            degrees Fahrenheit

"Just a few days ago we looked at the extensive report from the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine which showed the correlation between temperature change and solar activity.

Just yesterday Space Daily featured an article about the recent diminished solar activity:

"Earlier this month Fox News also ran a story . . . about reduced sunspot activity and the (coincidental) cooling of late:

Current theories link an earlier solar quiet time to the "Little Ice Age," a cold snap that lasted from about 1300 to 1800 in Europe and North America.

We really are overdue for telling Al Gore and his apostles to stuff it. They've been shining us on with propaganda about climate change that doesn't even pass the smell test.

And his buddies in congress and the White House itching to raise our electric bills 40% with a cap-and-trade global warming tax, there's no time like the present for America to jump off this bandwagon.

See entire article by Bob Ellis, Dakota Voice
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