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Devils Lake ND May Exceed 2,000 Year Levels

By Jesse Ferrell


14 Apr 09 –“The water level of Devil's Lake, North Dakota has been rising for some time (about 25 feet up since 1993 if you ask the USGS), the lake recently started overflowing into neighboring Stump Lake (in the distance in the map below), and there is a slight chance that it may eventually spill into a nearby river, something that hasn't happened since Christ was born.  

Google Earth view of Devils Lake & Stump Lake [Google Map]

"The reason this is in the news again is the seasonal flooding that is occurring all over the state, causing the levels to rise once again - they are now near 1448 feet. Even though forecasts are for moderate rises over the next two weeks according to AHPS, we're only a foot away from record levels on Devils Lake (1449.2 back in 2006), and every inch makes a difference. In another 0.8 feet, U.S. Highway 281 will have to be closed for flooding during high winds.

"One of the most impressive measures of the lake's increase in water volume is how quickly it spreads out across the flat North Dakota landscape. This page says that the acreage of the lake nearly doubles (from 75,000 to 145,000) after a 15-foot rise, and will double again if it reaches its "spill point".

"The Grand Forks Herald says that Stump Lake has seen lots of freshwater fish migrate over from Devils Lake, creating a new fishing industry there."

See entire article, including many photos, maps and charts:
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