Devastating Winter

Not by Fire but by Ice



 Updated 1 November 2005      


' Devastating' winter ahead, says chemicals giant

- 01 Nov 05 - The British chemicals group Ineos has warned 
that the United Kingdom faces a "devastating energy crunch" 
this winter. 

According to forecasters, including the Meteorological Office, 
there is a 67 per cent chance this winter will be among the coldest 
on record. The prediction is based on measuring sea temperatures 
in the Atlantic.

Ineos said: "We are faced with the nightmare scenario that, in 
the event of very cold winter weather conditions, the UK will 
essentially be 'closed for business'. Much of this business will 
not recover and is unlikely to operate again."

”It is not being overly dramatic to warn that in the event of below-
average temperatures, the UK will be thrown into crisis."

Click here to read the full article.
Thanks to Bill Sellers for this info

(I would suggest that the Northeastern United States
take note of this warning.)




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