Destroying South Africa

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Destroying South Africa
Read carefully - we could be next

Pretoria - 11 Feb 08- "South Africa is currently experiencing a national energy crisis," says engineer Will Alexander. "This is directly the result of the decision by the authorities to delay the construction of coal-fired power stations. We are now experiencing the consequences."

"On Friday I listened to the State President’s State of The Nation address. The government’s two major priorities are poverty reduction and the expansion of our electricity supply system by the construction of additional coal-fired power stations. It will take many years before the supply catches up with the rising demand. He called on all South Africans to work together to ensure the future prosperity of this country and its peoples.

"A week before the crisis, the Minister of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) announced that he would submit legislation to parliament to force greenhouse gas emitting industries to curtail their emissions.

"The energy crisis has already resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs. Our rising economic prosperity has received a serious setback.

"South Africa is suffering because of unilateral decisions based on highly suspect science propagated by elitist pressure groups.

"China and India have very large populations and rapidly growing economies. Their total emissions will soon overtake those of the EU and the USA. They have expressed their willingness to limit their future per capita emissions to the same level as those of the developed nations. This means that their total emissions will continue to rise well into the future. This will increase their economic competitiveness with the developed nations. There will be increasing threats of economic warfare to add to the global problems.

Solar activity not greenhouse gas emissions

"All of this is based on the assumption that greenhouse gas emissions arising from human activities are the direct cause of global warming. My research stretching over a period of more than 30 years together with my co-authors during the past year, provides unequivocal proof that a synchronous linkage exists between the acceleration and deceleration of the sun as it moves through galactic space and air temperatures. Other researchers have produced evidence of the causal mechanism.

"Within the last year, almost every major claim made in the IPCC documentation has been challenged.

"The notion that climate change science is settled is demonstrably false.

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