Deepglider finds unexpected heating on ocean floor

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28 Feb 07



New Sub Dives to Crushing Depths
Finds "Unexpected Heating" at Ocean Floor


26 Feb 07 - "Scientists at the University of Washington have developed an autonomous underwater vehicle that can stay out to sea for up to a year and dive to depths of nearly 9,000 feet -- nearly three times deeper than the deepest-diving military submarines.

"Known as Deepglider, the 71-inch long, 138-pound device is made of carbon fiber that can withstand the deep ocean's immense pressure. The energy-efficient, battery-powered glider carries sensors to measure oceanic conditions including salinity and temperature -- information that is key to understanding climate change.

"The glider's first trip revealed unexpected warming of water near the ocean floor, and scientists are interested in studying whether the temperatures are related to global warming.

(Let’s watch the spin on this. How do you heat the ocean floor prior to heating the surface? I’ll stick with what I’ve been saying all along - that the heating is caused by underwater volcanoes.)

"The maiden voyage was wonderful," says Charlie Eriksen, professor of physical oceanography at the University of Washington in Seattle. "On every dive we got within 10 meters of the bottom and we were able to see some interesting bottom temperature and salinity variations that we didn't know about, that I certainly didn't expect."

See entire article by Emmet Cole at,72794-0.html?tw=wn_index_2
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