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Declaring CO2 a pollutant is declaring tyranny

Another great email to the EPA

Thank you so much for your website  You give me hope when I despair that the whole world has descended into madness. I have sent my comments to the EPA as you requested.



29 Apr 09 – Comments directed to Docket ID No.EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0171:

Please stop this nonsense of claiming that CO2 is a pollutant. Declaring CO2 a pollutant is declaring tyranny. No human activity would fall outside the reach of the EPA.

Why would anyone concerned with global warming want to regulate CO2 emissions of industrialized societies but not control deforestation and overpopulation? You are falling for a Marxist hoax. Or, worse, you are perpetrating a Marxist hoax.

Ice ages have come and gone long before mankind industrialized. (Visit They will come and go long after your luddite regulations have collapsed the economies of the industrialized world. It is the ultimate hubris to think modern man’s actions could control the weather.

I presume you know the reality of the global warming hoax. I write to beg you not to continue your tyrannical political scheming. You will not succeed in denying Americans’ God-given rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Please give up trying to rule the world.

I suggest that you re-focus on protecting America from real pollutants like the mercury in those nasty “eco-friendly” lightbulbs which save so-o much electricity by reducing incidental heat emissions in cold, dark New England winters. Do you really think everyone’s going to recycle them?

Sincerely yours,
Rebecca Prout





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