December snow piling up - more than double 30-year average 

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December snow piling up in Chicago
More than double 30-year average



29 Dec 07 - Winter's third significant storm Friday blanketed much of the Chicago region, clogging traffic, canceling flights and leaving 2 to 6 inches of snow in its wake.

The storm marked the 14th snowfall in December, making the month one of Chicago's snowiest ever. The monthly snowfall is 13.7 inches, more than double the 30-year average of 6.6 inches for December, according to the National Weather Service.

'Unfortunately, the encore is flurries and bitter cold next week,' the weather service's Gino Izzi said.

Normally this is what it's like in January,' said Matt Smith, spokesman for Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation.

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Thanks to Charles Patrick for this link.

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Here’s what Charles had to say:

"The same is being reported out of Canada, which as it predicted, is having the coldest winter in 15 years. Europe is also reporting 'extreme' early levels of snowfall all the way down to Southern Spain. Yes, the skiers are glad and happy now, but.... Haven't seen any reporting out of Russia, India, China, or Japan yet.

"At least we know where all the rain, normally falling in the South, Central, and Western United States and other regions of the world is going right now - snow. The test will come this summer when we see how hot it gets and how much of this melts. Yes, it could melt it all (can you say mega flooding), but then IF the climate shift has begun - much of it will not. Then winter hits again, the snow should build even deeper with more left into summer 2009 and the process continues to build.

"If it’s a true worst case 'rapid climate shift,' then we're on a 3-5 year cycle to another ice age. Which means those areas currently experiencing major drought conditions are gonna get real dry for a very long time. While the northern climes are gonna get much colder real fast.

"But then, while I think this is a little soon, God sure isn't gonna ask my opinion on grand strategy."




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