Dark Hour - a Sign of the Times

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Dark Hour - a Sign of the Times

28 Mar 08 - The Carbon Sense Coalition today came out in support of "lights out" during Earth Hour (Saturday 29) but claimed the time should be renamed "Dark Hour" and suggested that consumers should also forgo the consumption of gasoline and diesel during this period.

The chairman of "Carbon Sense", Mr Viv Forbes, claimed that consumers should spend the hour they sit in the dark with no transport, air conditioning or hot coffee, remembering the contribution that carbon fuels have made to modern society.

"And while contemplating this hour of darkness, they should steel themselves for the hour when, if the Global warming alarmists have their way, this will become a necessity not a nicety.

"The only thing that lifted mankind from the Stone Age was carbon energy from coal, oil and gas – for heating; for steam power; for electricity and water; for mining, smelting and refining of metals; for transport on land, sea and air; for lighting, heating, cooling and communications; for production of food and chemicals; and for power for processing and manufacturing.

"All of this comfort, safety, convenience and prosperity is now threatened by hysterical claims that man’’s carbon emissions can and should be stopped. Even though the weather records and the science deny the doomsday forecasts, the politicians, like lemmings, are leading us over the Greenhouse Cliff. Without the nuclear parachute, it will not be a pleasant fall.

"Many other countries have already experienced their own dark days, most caused by silly decisions taken to appease the Greenhouse Gods.

"If we continue down this path, we can no longer assume that electricity will come at the flick of a switch. Consumers need to learn a new vocabulary for these bad new times – "load shedding, demand management, quota allocation, rolling blackouts, brownouts, emission permits, load prioritisation, interruptible customers, emergency customers, zone rota systems, power emergency declarations, priority lines, three-day-week rationing, power outages, grid instability, electricity rationing, operating reserve, maintenance shutdowns . . . ." - all the jargon of a power system in crisis, suffering from stagnant or falling capacity and growing demand.

See entire press release:
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