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Crop reduction 60% in some cases

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21 Jul 09 – Email from a reader


Did some research over the weekend, and as your book predicts there are numerous crop failures occurring all over the USA and the world - a 60% reduction in some cases.

If things continue as they are - and they’re getting worse as time goes on - I believe we will soon be fighting in the streets over food!

Our government and the major news media are not reporting the consequences due to the weather destroying crops and reducing yields. I found numerous articles all over the world mentioning cold-weather damage.

Hail and rain damage! I’ve never seen so much hail damage - it seems to be hailing all over the USA. Here in North Florida I’ve seen more hail in the last 4 months than in my entire lifetime! 

Below is what I found.

David Christian

Relentless Cool Sumer across Canada has crops crying for heat! - 07/17/2009

Grape Crop hurt by Spring Weather - July 16,2009                               ,0,2198187.story

Temperatures in July cooler than usual confounding even corn crops - 15 Jul 09

Weather continues to challenge 2009 crops - 07/06/2009

Storms Damages southeastern Idaho crops - 07/07/2009

Cold Spring dry fields lower 2009 crop prospects in western Canada - 11 Jun 09

Texas Crop Weather too early to asses extent of hail damage to cotton
10 Jun 09 -

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