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Could A New 'Ice Age' Be Just Around the Climatological Corner?
By climatologist Cliff Harris

Could A New 'Ice Age' Be Just Around the Climatological Corner?
By climatologist Cliff Harris

“Recently, John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, stated that, "manmade global warming is the GREATEST SCAM IN HISTORY!"

“He went on to add, "I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by this theory of global warming based on fraudulent science."

“He said this, folks, not me. (But, I certainly agree with Dr. Coleman.)

“Coleman’s climatological opinion has been recently supported by a top observatory that has been measuring a rather dramatic decrease in sunspot activity. These scientists are predicting that global temperatures will drop by at least two degrees in the next 20 years.

“Our friend, Robert Felix, author of "Not by Fire but by Ice," believes that this significant cool down could possibly be the start of at least another "Little Ice Age," possibly a new GREAT ICE AGE, which is overdue following 11,500 years of generally warmer than normal global temperatures.

“This latest period of naturally-occurring warming peaked a decade ago in 1998. It was the strongest such cycle of warming since the days of Leif Ericcson around 1,000 A.D. At the time, the mighty Vikings were actually farming parts of Greenland growing wheat, vegetables and raising cattle. They actually grew tomatoes and grapes!

“Robert Felix gives this warning: "Living in the northern U.S. could eventually be hazardous to your health!"

“He goes on to say, "the next major ice age could begin any week, next month or next year." (Get that snowblower tuned-up.)

“Felix believes that someday soon we’ll be "buried beneath nine stories of ice and snow as the bitter climate of Greenland descends upon Canada, Britain, Norway, Sweden, the U.S. and other northern regions --- practically overnight."

“It’s all part of a dependable, predictable, natural cycle of climate that returns "like clockwork" every 11,500 years.

“For more details, go to Mr. Felix’s website at:

“The Winter of 2007-08 was one of the harshest worldwide in recorded history.
          Harris goes on to very thoroughly document this claim.

“The severe winter conditions killed at least 40% of the 2007-08 rapeseed crop (canola), a staple in China. This forced the Chinese to buy our record-high priced $15-a-bushel soybeans to stave off widespread food shortages. It’s now estimated that the cost of this disaster to the Chinese economy will easily exceed $4 billion. Southeastern China’s losses alone will top $2 billion.

          As I’ve been saying, we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before
          we’re covered by ice.

“Several of my climatological peers are saying that "we’ve begun a period of global cooling that will soon reverse the 30-year uptrend in temperatures since 1978."

“I agree with another climatologist friend, Paul Berenson, who stated on February 21:

"The truth is that it’s still much too early to draw any long-term conclusions from 2008's great freeze. But, it is indeed one of the most startling recent developments to have emerged in the world’s weather patterns for a long time. At the least, it was so unexpected. It raises important questions for millions of people worldwide whose lives have been seriously disrupted by this year’s freezes. To them, the concept of global warming must seem awfully remote."

See all of this great article by climatologist Cliff Harris:





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