Cooling Support for Emissions Trading Scheme

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Cooling Support for Emissions Trading Scheme
By Viv Forbes

20 Nov 08 - The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Queensland Government to follow the lead of New Zealand and initiate a complete review of the science and the cost-benefits of the proposals to levy a new tax on coal and petrol usage.

  • “Firstly, the science behind the scare forecasts from IPCC computer models has been shown to be deficient by a growing band of independent scientists.

  • “Secondly, the globe itself is sending a warning as daily reports of unseasonal frosts, snow and ice make a mockery of the global warming hysteria. We certainly have climate change, but it is natural global cooling, not man-made global warming.

  • “Thirdly, the world financial collapse has forced alert politicians to focus on the immediate concerns of voters – real jobs, and the security of supply for food and power. 

Rapid Cooling Down Under

17 Nov 08 -  “The incoming National government [in New Zealand] will completely review the emissions trading scheme (ETS) - possibly including the science that says humans are to blame for climate change - as part of its support deal with ACT. A draft terms of reference for the review attached to the agreement, includes hearing "competing views on the scientific aspects of climate change" and looking at the merits of a "mitigation or adaptation approach". The deal requires the National government to pass immediate legislation delaying the implementation of the ETS until the review is complete.”

Grant Fleming, The New Zealand Herald, 16 Nov 08.
Reported in CCNet 166/2008 - 17 Nov 08.

Thanks to Viv Forbes, Chairman of The Carbon Sense Coalition, for these links





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