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Cool, wet weather responsible for worldwide

honeybee die-off

"Honeybees crucial to the production of one-third
of the foods we eat"



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7 Oct 10 - Over the past few years, the world's honeybee population has decreased dramatically.

In the United States alone, honeybee populations are believed to have dropped 20 percent to 40 percent. No one has been able to explain the decline.

Now the mystery may have been solved.

"A somewhat odd pairing of entomologists and military scientists has pinpointed likely culprits: a fungus and a virus, both of which flourish in cool, wet environments," says this article by Brett Michael Dykes.

The honeybee die-off has been a source of growing concern. As correspondent Steve Kroft explains in a 2007 "60 Minutes" report, "honeybees are the unsung heroes of the food chain, crucial to the production of one-third of the foods we eat."

Funny how the media doesn't like to talk about cooling. Yahoo's title for this article was "Culprits identified in worldwide honeybee die-off."

See entire article:
Thanks to Richard Lacaba, Jeff Even, Richard Peters and Dennis Mundorf

"How can the bees be dying off worldwide due to COOL, wet environments if global warming is causing drastic temperature increases?" asks Jeff.  "Note that this is a worldwide phenomenon."




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