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Concern that Mt. Baekdu in Korea could erupt

Also concern about
13 dormant volcanoes in Japan


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29 Mar 11 - South Korean scientists warn that Mt. Baekdu, a 2,744-meter (9,002 ft) volcano on the border between North Korea and China, could erupt in four to five years. They point to “strange signs,” including minor trembling near Mt. Baekdu in June 2002, and an increased frequency of such trembling.

Yoon Young-geun, a North Korean volcanologist, said that following the March 11 quake in Japan, they observed underground water shaking and splashing up to 60 centimeters, with usually clean water from wells occasionally turning muddy. He said all of the abnormal events seem to be related to that quake.

A Chinese institute monitoring volcanic activity at Mt. Baekdu acknowledged that minor quakes too weak to be felt by humans occur nearly 100 times per day.

Simulation analysis shows that a large-scale eruption at Mt. Baekdu would send millions of tons of volcanic ash into the air, dropping average temperature on the Korean Peninsula by two degrees Celsius.

“It will devastate agriculture, meat/poultry farming and other parts of the food supply chain in North Korea,” said Prof. Kim Young-hyun at Dongkuk University’s department of North Korea. “The North Korean regime has no capability to handle such a major natural disaster at all."

"Small-scale eruptions at Mt. Baekdu were recorded in 1413, 1597, 1668 and 1702
the last activity was recorded in 1903," says this article by Park Si-soo.

Another indicator of a future eruption is that Mt. Baekdu has grown nearly 10 centimeters since 2002.

An intrusion of magma is gradually increasing the height of the mountain as well as raising the temperature on the surface, which they say is a precondition for an eruption.

"Meanwhile, 13 dormant volcanoes in Japan are increasingly showing signs of eruption in the wake of the March 11 quake, according to Sankei Shimbun, a Japanese daily."

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