Concern about the low sunspot numbers

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Should we be concerned about
the low sunspot numbers?


. 8 Jun 08 –I asked my friend Dan Hammer at this question, and here’s his insightful answer:

Hi Bob,

From May of 1999 up until September 2002, sunspot numbers were routinely over 100 per month.  The lowest sunspot number during that time was 71.5.  June of 1988 until March of 1992 was even worse.  Sunspot numbers exceeded 100 every single month. It reached a maximum of 200.3 in August of 1990. 

Or as Gore would call it ... Global Warming. 

Something else interesting is that from September of 1970 until September of 1978 there wasn't a single month with a sunspot number of 100 or greater.  Those two periods coincide nicely with global cooling.

And global warming is supposedly caused by man?

Low sunspot numbers like we have now are not unheard of.  We tend to string together about 12 months of exceptionally low sunspot numbers in between solar cycles.  The longer delays between cycles can add another 4 to 6 months on top of that but that is about the limit for normal. 

We've managed a sunspot number above 20 just once in the last 2 years.   That is not common.  We haven't had a sunspot number of 100 or greater since September of 2002.  Notice how well that coincides with the current global cooling trend?

So looking at how bad winters were in the 1970's and how sunspot activity seems to resemble the activity of the 1970's, I'd call it interesting.  Factoring in food shortages and food inflation along with record energy prices I'd call it extremely worrisome.

Here it is June 6th and the sunspot number for the month to date is 0.00 .


Dan’s sunspot data came from
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