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Complete disaster in Germany

Almost 5 ft of snow in two weeks


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16 Dec 10 - Email from reader

Hi Bob,

Things have been really bad this winter in Germany. When I talked to my Mom at the beginning of the month they had 10" of snow on the ground which she told me was an early start for them. A few days later they received a foot of snow on top of that 10". When I talked to her around December 7th she told me they were expecting another foot of snow that night. She told me there was so much snow piled up everywhere that people were having trouble finding a place to park around town.

I received a call from her today. She told me that it is a complete disaster over there. They had just gotten buried yet again but this time by one of the worst storms she can remember. This one dumped 50 to 60cm of snow. They are approaching 5 feet of snow for the month. I cannot imagine this being anything but the snowiest winter on record for them. Nothing official but they just don't get that much snow where she is. What they are getting now just never happens. Not just today's storm but. The three or four storms this month individually were all rare.

Almost five feet in a 2 weeks. I think I would be going insane by now.

Dan Hammer




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