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Comments re - Is Robert on the take?
"Personally, I applaud Robert and his site. I, for one, am willing to send a check ($25.00) to support this site. Hopefully, there will be others."


"Run a balanced web site"? What about all the other internet sites? Do they have "Balanced sites"? Many sites have a "Global Warming" header, but nothing on cooling.

When I typed in "Global Cooling on the LA times site, all I got was one article (Actually a Blog), and the rest tagged on the word "Cool". (Not related to Global Cooling) The reality is that the rest of the sites are one sided and "" is just evening up the score a bit. Mr. keller, do you have any idea how many Global Warming biased sites we have to sift through to learn the real truth? How lucky we all are to enjoy this site.

But who is really on the "Take"? All government funded Global Warming ventures ARE, in reality, partially or completely funded by "Big Oil". Don’t think so then, take a look at the taxes on gasoline. ( California is the highest in the nation (Don’t forget the 7.75% sales tax – a "Tax on Tax").

Please show me any "Global Cooling" venture funded by any government in any country. The closest thing I have found is the seed vault (More of a Global Warming venture then a Cooling one). Too bad they placed it in a location that could be covered by mile high ice should the next Ice Age begin.

And, what about the California drought, you ask? As many should remember, there was a similar drought in the mid- 1970s. I believe that the recent drop in global temperature should place us back to the 70s. So, to quote that infamous Australian (From an article found on this site) "It’s a cycle. Mate."

Personally, I applaud Robert and his site. I, for one, am willing to send a check ($25.00) to support this site. Hopefully, there will be others.

Thanks again for a great site.
Marcus Muraca
PS: Let me know where to send the check. (No! It’s not a joke.)

               Thank you Marcus. Many of my readers have asked me to install a
               PayPal "donate" button so that they can help out. I'm going to go
               ahead and install that button today on my home page. I appreciate
               everyone's support.

* * *

G'Day Robert

I just want to say that your answer to the e-mail (Is Robert on the take?) is correct.

Although we have been having very hot weather in the south Australia it been a very mild summer in the north with lots of rain, this is in my opinion going back to the weather pattern of about 20 years or more ago, so I think that the climate is going on a downward cycle and hence going back through weather patters of the past, which include it benign very hot in the south of Australia and the monsoons running a muck in the north of Australia.

Keep up the good work. 

Best Regards,
David Bass


Here's what caused all the furor:

Is Robert on the take?
14 Feb 09 - Email from an angry reader:
"Listen, I love you web site and books – but I am beginning to wonder
if you are on the take. Can you please run a balanced web site."
See Is Robert on the take?





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