Colorado Glaciers Growing

Not by Fire but by Ice


Updated 7 October 01



                Geologists Unexpectedly Find 
                    100 Glaciers in Colorado 

Geologists exploring Colorado's Rocky Mountain Park say that they 
discovered more than 100 additional glaciers here in a single summer, 
said Verrengia.

Officials previously believed the park, which is 60 miles northwest of 
Denver, included 20 permanent ice and snow features, including six named
glaciers. The new survey, conducted by geologist Jonathan Achuff, shows 
there are as many as 120 features.

"Comparisons with historical photos suggest that at least some of the 
glaciers are expanding," say park officials. "Subtle climate changes may 
be helping the formation of glaciers or at least reducing their retreat."

"Glaciers are barometers of climate change," researchers said. "The 
survey results here contradict global warming trends. While precipitation 
hasn't changed much, temperatures have been slightly cooler in the past 
several years."

``We're not running quite in synch with global warming here,'' park 
spokeswoman Judy Visty said.

This article appeared in the Hawaii Tribune Herald on 7 Oct 2001, by Joseph B. Verrengia. AP-NY-10-04-01)


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