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Coldest early October ever in Lincoln, Nebraska
   Plus, more snow in one day than North Platte
     has ever received in the full month of October!


12 Oct 09 – It was the coldest Oct. 1-11 period on record for Lincoln, with records going back 123 years to 1887, according to Ken Dewey, professor of applied climate science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Saturday's high temperature at the Lincoln airport was only 38 degrees. The previous record low max for the date was 41, set in 1987.

Sunday's high temperature was only 40 degrees. The previous coldest max was 47, in 1946.

Similar record-low maximums were set across much of Nebraska. Several cities also had record minimums.

The weekend cold was part of an Arctic blast that also brought snow to most of Nebraska. On Saturday, the North Platte airport record 13.8 inches of snow -- not only a daily record but more snow in one day than the city had ever received in the full month of October.

          More snow in one day than the city had ever received in the
          full month of October

Sunday night, another weather system brought another 1-3 inches of snow to the central and northern Sandhills.
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