Coldest Winter in Memory

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Coldest Winter in Memory
by Philip V. Brennan

4 Mar 08 - It may be a bit early to say I told you so, but recent events including one of the coldest winters in memory and reams of new data concerning global cooling, make what I wrote on Dec. 26, 2007 worth a new look.

In that column, an open letter to Al Gore, I laid out the case for a new ice age aborning. ( — check it out)

Al, get ready for a fitting for the dunce cap. Mother Nature has spoken loud and clear — global cooling is setting in.

Doubt that? Take a look at these recent headlines:

   q  Earth's 'Fever' Breaks: Global COOLING Currently Under Way; 
         Report: Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling 
         (Daily Tech – February 26, 2008;

   q  Forget Global Warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age (Canada's 
         National Post – Feb. 25, 2008); Arctic Sea Ice Sees 'Significant 
         Increase' in Size Following 'Extreme Cold' (Canadian Broadcasting
         Corporation -CBC –– February 15, 2008);

   q  Ice between Canada and Greenland reaches highest level in 15 years
         (Greenland’s Sermitsiak News – February 12, 2008); NewPeer-
         Reviewed Study Shows Arctic COOLING Over last 1500 years;

   q  Antarctic Summer Thaw 'Later Than Normal' (AccuWeather Global
         Warming News –– February 6, 2008;

   q  Report: Sun's 'disturbingly quiet' cycle prompts fear of global 
         COOLING (February 8, 2008 - Investor’’s Business Daily);

   q  Solar data suggest our concerns should be about global cooling –– 
         (By Geologist David Archibald – March 2008 Scientific Paper);

   q  Report: Too Much Ice = Polar Bears Starving? (Scientist Philip 
         Stott’s Global Warming Politics –– February 15, 2008); Report: 
         Solar Activity Diminishes;

   q  Researchers Predict Another Ice Age - Sunspots have all but 
         vanished in recent years. (Daily Tech – February 9, 2008); 
         Scientist predicts 'Coming of a New Ice Age' (Winningreen 
         February 2008."

As of right now, my prediction seems to be right on target ... If the present cooling trend continues, the IPCC reports will have been the biggest farce in the history of science."

Get ready for your dunce cap, Al, and button up your overcoat.

See entire commentary by Philip V. Brennan



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