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Coldest October in NZ in more than 25 years


2 Nov 09 – “New Zealanders have just shivered through the coldest October in more than 25 years - not long after they enjoyed the warmest August on record, says a climate analyst.

“The October mean temperature of 10.7C was 1.4C below average making it the coldest October since 1982, climate scientist Dr Jim Salinger has calculated.

“The heavy snow that trapped motorists and surprised Hawkes Bay farmers on October 4 and 5 was the latest spring snow of its kind to hit the North Island since 1951, he said.

“The topsy-turvy weather began in May, which was the coldest recorded in many parts of New Zealand, with temperatures more like the beginning of winter than the end of spring.

June was also colder than normal before temperatures returned closer to normal in July.

Then came August - the warmest New Zealand has seen since temperatures were first recorded 155 years ago.”

See entire article by Eloise Gibson:
Thanks to Ian in South Auckland, New Zealand, for this link
          Brilliant website. Keep up the great work. :-), says Ian.

        “Despite the claim it was supposedly the warmest on record here in NZ,
         where I'm living in semi-rural South Auckland even most of August was
         colder than usual,” says Ian.

       “As for October. Due to the colder than usual conditions, some local
        commercial onion crops actually stopped growing for two weeks.





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