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Cold weather may delay Georgia shrimp season

Lethal cold


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9 Apr 11 - Regulators could delay the start of Georgia's shrimp season because abnormally cold weather - lethally cold weather - may have killed a large number of shrimp and seatrout, says this article in the Florida Times-Union.

Georgia's Department of Natural Resources is calling on fishermen to voluntarily release 18-inch seatrout to help that population rebound from the winter chill.

When the water temperature drops to the mid-to-low 40s, the cold kills over-wintering shrimp and some fish species including spotted seatrout, said Spud Woodward, director of DNR's Coastal Resources Division.

Lethal cold

For the second winter in a row, water temperatures dropped to lethal levels.

The cold snap began in mid-December and lasted into January. By February, the shrimp catch plunged to 95 percent below average, and remained 92 percent below average in March.

In South Carolina, the shrimp population dropped so drastically that state officials asked NOAA to close federal waters off South Carolina until early June.

Federal waters offshore of Georgia remain open to shrimping, but with fuel costs so high, many shrimp boats remain at the dock.

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