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Cold now extends to Amazon jungle

Email from a reader in Chile

"Each year is worse"

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21 Jul 10 - Hi Felix
Here in Chile, we don't know to cope with under zero (C) temperature..... but the problem is bigger in tropical Bolivian zone.....the things are worse.

check this out:
"Temperatures in higher altitude parts of Puno and Cusco have fallen to around -20c (-4f), causing numerous infant deaths as impoverished locals struggle to cope." (
Thanks also to Luis Chang for this link)

"In southern Brazil in the city of Urupema, next to Argentina, temperatures dropped to a record minus 7.8 Celsius. In the south of Brazil and central Paraguay thousands of cattle have been reported dead, while in the south of Chile an agriculture emergency was declared and in Buenos Aires at the peak of the winter season, tens of regional flights had to be cancelled because of the extreme weather conditions leaving thousands stranded in the Argentine capital. lost

is an isolated thing? (The following article, from 2008, is entitled "Global
warming blamed for unusual cold spell." It tells of Hong Kong shivering
through its second-longest cold spell since 1885, and, incredibly, attributes
the cold to global warming. No wonder the general public is confused.
They're being purposely mislead.) amp;con_type=1

In Santiago ..we had 12 days with under zero morning and each year is worse..

great page!
Sebastian Parker




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