Climatologist Supports Czech President's View 

Not by Fire but by Ice


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6 June 07


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Long-time Climatologist 
Supports Czech President's 
View of Climate Changes

4 Jun 07 - U.S. climatologist George Kukla, 77, today bore Czech President Vaclav Klaus out in his opinions about climate changes saying that people are only marginally to blame for global warming, Presidential Office spokesman Petr Hajek has told CTK.

"The climate is only insignificantly influenced by human activities," said Hajek.

Kukla said that the accelerating warming of the Earth is not caused by man but by the regularities of the planets' circulation around the Sun.

Kukla, an expert climatologist from Columbia University, has defended his opinions about climate changes in the U.S. Congress several times. In 1982, he confronted his views with later U.S. vice-president Al Gore, author of the film "An Inconvenient Truth." 

(Dr. Kukla was one of the first to prove the correlation between ice ages and the Milankovitch cycle. I quote him several times in "Not by Fire by Ice," beginning with one of his papers published in "Science" magazine back in 1972.)

Unlike Gore, Kukla does not suppose that the world should quickly decrease the greenhouse gas emissions. He was one of the scientists who discouraged the USA from signing the Kyoto Protocol restricting the emissions of greenhouse gases. "The changes in the Earth's circulation around the Sun are now extremely slow. Moreover, they are partially being compensated by the human impact on the climate. I think we will know more in about 50 years," Kukla told the daily Mlada fronta Dnes recently.

See entire article in the Prague Daily Monitor:




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