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Climate warmer 81,000 years ago than today

Global warming alarmists won't like this

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12 Feb 10 - New measurements from coastal caves on the Spanish island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean show that sea levels were higher 81,000 years ago than today. The caves were flooded at the time, meaning that the climate must have been warmer than now.  

     Oops. Aren't we being told that we're now enduring the warmest climate
     in history? Does this mean that "global warming" might be a natural

When the earth warms, more ice melts and sea levels rise. When the earth cools, sea levels fall because the water is locked up on land as ice. In the past, sea levels have stood as much as 130 meters (426 feet) lower than today.

The new study, conducted by geologist Jefffrey Dorale at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, shows that sea levels suddenly rose to about one meter higher than today.

This finding conflicts with previous models showing that ice sheets around the world continuously grew and thickened - with considerable variation along the way - between 125,000 and 20,000 years ago, when they reached a maximum.

“(This study) suggests that, for reasons unknown, the sea level which at the time should have been down some 15 meters instead went up one meter, and then went right back down again within just a couple of thousand years,” says Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory geologist and climate scientist Wallace Broecker.

The finding also implies that ice sheets are capable of receding considerably over very short periods of time before resuming their growth at an accelerated pace. But exactly what caused the 81,000-year-old sea level rise is still a mystery, says the article.

        A mystery? Not at all.

        If you've read "Not by Fire but by Ice," you know that this fits in with
        my theory that the ice sheets wax and wane in sync with precession of
        the equinoxes. (I have no idea where Broecker came up with the idea
        that sea level should have been down by 15 meters at the time.)

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