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Climate of fear in retreat
Hans Labohm guest blog

Dutch article about global cooling. You must read the
mechanically generated translation because it’s hilariously ungrammatical.
See if you agree with my
re-translation of the translation.


16 Nov 09 - In the run-up to the major international climate conference in Copenhagen, where a successor to the current Kyoto agreement is to be hammered out, many climate scientists, politicians, the media and environmental activists will try to highlight the horrors of a forthcoming climate crisis in order to mobilize political support for strict agreements to control global warming.

But mother nature is not cooperating. The average global temperature over the last ten years has decreased, while the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere continued to rise. This is in conflict with what the Copenhagen conference would have you believe.

Despite the fact that the government is spending millions to disseminate climate information, they have failed to admit to the public that temperatures have fallen.

Why? Because if that were known, the spirit of self-sacrifice of the citizens might go away. If the citizens were informed of the truth, they might make critical comments about the alleged climate crisis.

The bulk of the media is silent on the matter, but there are exceptions, such as Simon Rozendaal, Elsevier Science Editor of Járenlang, who, as far as I know, is the first to highlight the shortcomings of the so-called science behind the climate of fear.

See entire article (in Dutch):

See mechanically generated translation of above article. nl%2fklimaat%2f2009%2f11%2f16%2fklimaatangst-op-zijn-retour%2f

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