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Climate change proposals another heavy burden, says Czech President Vaclav Klaus


27 Sep 09 – Reader Ron de Haan thought I’d like this speech that Czech President Vaclav Klaus gave to the United Nations last week.

“Klaus is a climate skeptic, a great defender of individual freedom and he distrusts socialist governments,” says de Haan.

“He survived the Second World War and the time his country was locked behind the Iron Curtain when it was run by the USSR tells the truth and I applaud him for doing that because it takes courage these days to do so.”

Speech to the United Nations by Czech President Vaclav Klaus
23 Sep 09 – (Excerpts) – “This year, in our part of the world, we commemorate twenty years after the fall of communism, after the moment, when my country – together with other states of Central and Eastern Europe – regained freedom and sovereignty.

"In the twenty years that have passed since these historic events, we succeeded in building a stable political democracy, as well as in transforming our economic system into a functioning free market economy. I am mentioning this because I believe that this experience of ours is relevant for the undergoing discussions about how to solve the economic problems the world is facing today.

"We are meeting at a time when the world is in one of the deepest economic crises since the Second World War. We see the first signals that the economic crisis has reached its bottom or has come close to it.

"It would be a tragic mistake to fundamentally impair economic freedom in favor of state or supra-state regulation just now. The long-term experience tells us that it is thanks to the free markets and free entrepreneurship that we can enjoy the current material welfare and economic progress.

"Business cycles, accompanied by economic downturns, recessions and crises, did exist, do exist and will exist in the future. In spite of them, the world has been – at least in the last two centuries – characterized primarily by economic growth and growing prosperity. 

"When looking for an appropriate reaction to the problems connected with the current crisis, we should build on the idea that the crisis was basically a failure of governments, not markets.   

"Let us not delude ourselves that the economic cycle and its consequences can be prevented by the more extensive government regulation or by aiming at global governance of the world economy. (Bold lettering is as shown on Václav Klaus’s web page.)

"I do, however, want to emphasize that the measures proposed to combat climate change represent another heavy burden, for both the developed countries which are falling into deep fiscal deficits now as well as for developing countries and this is in a situation when the rich countries, often pushing this agenda at international forums, are losing their ability to compensate the poorer countries for the impact of these additional costs." 

See entire speech:
Thanks to Ron de Haan for this link

Also read Klaus’s book Blue Planet in Green Shackles.

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