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 Updated 28 November 2006      


"Great Climate Science Debate" Starts Today 

Two of the world's leading climate scientists -- Dr. Patrick Michaels 
and Professor Klaus Lackner -- will go head-to-head in "The Great 
Climate Change Debate" today during the 2007 Business Summit 
of the West
conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

The debate will be webcast live over internet around the world.  Those
wishing to access the webcast via the Internet can sign up here:  

Those wishing to listen to the debate via telephone can call into this
listen-only line (866-682-6100) and ask for the "climate change

"It is fashionable these days to say that the "debate is over' on the science
underlying climate change," said Jim Sims, President and CEO of the Western
Business Roundtable, sponsor of the Summit .  "But in the arena of science, a
debate continues to rage on many aspects of this issue."  

Sims added:  "Those who say that an 'overwhelming scientific consensus' on
climate science now exists and that no further scientific research is justified are
overlooking a fundamental fact about basic science works.  Science is driven not
by consensus but by facts that can be verified through reproducible results. 
Consensus is, quite simply, irrelevant.  It takes only one person to overturn
established consensus -- something that has happened in virtually every single
major scientific breakthrough throughout man's history."

"We must encourage a healthy and continuing debate on climate science so that
any future public policy is informed by the facts," he concluded.








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