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The claim that 2010 is '2nd warmest year on record'

is delusional, irrelevant & disingenuous

Piers Corbyn


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21 Jan 11 - "Warmist (warm is cold) explanations for extreme events are as useless as saying "Wet days cause rain”, says Corbyn. 

"WHY is there a statistically highly significant systematic inverse relationship between the number of stations they selected for ‘official’ use and the average temperatures resulting?

" What average temperature would result from the 62% of stations they removed since around the 1960s - which had the coldest temperature averages and the highest number of stations - up to the present decade - which is officially the warmest and has the least number of stations? 

"Anyone with a brain can see that this systematic connection means that either temperature is magically determined by the number of stations or there has been systematic selecting of data which is best described as data fraud”, said Piers. 

"This question requires an international inquiry which is independent of any of the organizations involved in this data creation.  ( See )

"ALL the global warmist predictions since 2000 have failed and the OPPOSITE types of extremes (floods, supercold and blizzards) to their predictions (droughts, warm winters and the end-of-snow) have occurred, so their warmist (or warm is cold) explanations for extreme events are as useless as saying "Wet days cause rain”. 

"If weather were just entertainment this would not matter but their refusal to accept their total failure forces up energy and food prices through low carbon cult measures and holds back real science which directly prevents governments and authorities from applying useful forecasts which can reduce suffering and save lives.

"NOTE The Main USA TV channels reported WeatherAction correctly predicted the coldest December in UK for 100 years, yet the BBC carry nothing. Why?"

See entire article:
Thanks to Piers Corbyn for this link



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