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Chile volcano grounds air traffic again today

Eruption could continue for weeks

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9 Jun 11 - Three airlines - Aerolíneas Argentinass, LAN and Austral - cancelled flights out of Argentina's busiest airports Ezeiza and Aeroparque again today because of the ash cloud from Chile's Puyehue volcano.

On Tuesday, the three state-owned airlines canceled all flights within Argentina as well as to and from other countries. At least six international carriers also suspended flights between Buenos Aires and cities in the United States, Europe and South America, and flights from Chile over Argentine territory were also suspended.

Although the column of smoke emitting from the great volcano had been reduced from around 7 miles (12 km) to 5 miles (8 km), and was expected to drop to 4 to 5 km, winds blew the ash from the Chilean volcano yesterday in a widening arc. 

Puyehue-Cordón Caulle_Ash_Plume

Geologists with Chile's National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) warned that the Cordon Caulle volcano could keep erupting for several weeks, so this may not be the end of air traffic delays. 

Volcanologist Jorge Muñoz of Chile's National Geology and Mines Service said that the eruption - which opened a three-mile long fissure along a high-altitude ridge between two volcanic peaks - is considered to be moderate so far, but that could change. 

Muñoz warned that the volcano will likely begin to expel lava in the coming days, along with pyroclastic material that can turn waterways into avalanches of mud and rock and have the potential to destroy downstream communities.

Closer to the volcano, strong rains beginning on Monday night increased the danger of rivers getting clogged with ash and then overflowing in flash floods.

The eruption

Enrique Valdivieso, director of Sernageomin, announced on Tuesday that "seismic activity had decreased significantly" at Puyehue volcano, with a rate of less than ten earthquakes per hour. However, it is "very likely" that lava could begin pouring out.

Chile volcano eruption no big deal?

Meanwhile, a long-time resident of Chile says the Puyehue eruption is "no big deal."


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