Chief Meteorologist Debunks Gore's Views 

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5 June 07


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Chief Meteorologist 
calls Gore's view of climate change 
'biggest myth of the century'

3 Jun 07 - Al Gore’s global warming is the biggest myth of the century, even transcending Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Sixty years ago, my meteorological career started with the Air Force. I hope you will not think of me as being immodest, but I must reveal part of my resume` to lend credence to my statement regarding global warming.

As chief meteorologist it was my job to manage the forecast function of weather stations at locations worldwide: RAF Station, Manston, England; Hahn Air Base, Germany; Can Tho, Vietnam; Williams AFB, Ariz., NORAD Headquarters in Cheyenne Mountain, Col.; and in Marquette, Mich. Also, I served as technical adviser to the Air National Guard in Louisville, Ky., and as staff adviser to NORAD units in the United States and Greenland. In 1977-78 I was president of the Colorado Springs Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

With these credentials, I’m telling you global warming is a myth. However, please check the Internet (Al Gore’s invention) and ask about greenhouse gases. You will find that there are five. The most plentiful is water vapor making up 35 to 70 percent of all greenhouse gases. Mankind’’s total contribution to all greenhouse gases — this includes cars, trucks, manufacturing plants, boats, planes and any pollution producer you can name — the total is less than 1 percent. Mother Nature provides the other 99 percent.

Before you buy into the global warming myth, just remember that most of the natural wonders of the world were caused by various ice ages and periods of global warming. We’ve warmed one-half of a degree in the last century, but Gore has Florida under water in a decade or so when the ice cap melts.

Paul G. Becker
Webbers Falls

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