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The evil craziness
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an international crime

Analytical chemist Hans Schreuder lists the "real" culprits

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11 Apr 10

Dear All

First in the dock should be the promoters of the so-called saver bulb; each one contains between 3 and 7 milligram of a mercury compound powder. Most of these bulbs end up in landfill sites and in a decade from now there will be an estimated 100 million of these bulbs in the dumps, adding some 300 kilogram of irrecoverable mercury compound to the ground water all around the world. In further decades ahead, this will cause mental diseases for which there is no cure, as all ground water will be contaminated already.

Second should be the promoters of windfarms. Besides destroying rural countryside by digging cable trenches, laying roads and creating noise pollution, these towers have been proven to kill large birds by the thousands. It has also been extensively proven that not one single fossil fuel powerplant has been closed as a result of the intermittent and unreliable supply of electricity off these towers. In the final balance, windfarms add carbon footprint.

Third should be the promoters of so-called bio-fuel. It has been extensively proven that the total energy requirements to produce bio-fuel is greater than the resultant "carbon savings" made by not burning fossil fuels. It has also been extensively proven that bio-fuels do not give as much power per unit of mass as fossil fuels and cause corrosion to engine parts. In the final balance, bio-fuels add carbon footprint.

Fourth should be the promoters of so-called "simple physics". These simple physics state that reflected energy can be double counted and thus create more warmth than the original energy supplied. These simple physics lie at the very basis of the climate alarm, which in turn is based on these simple physics, whereby the earth will get warmer and warmer. So far this century it has got cooler and cooler, which is in fact in-line with proper physics and with realising the existence of cyclical weather, climate and solar patterns.

If the Courts have any time left, maybe they could congratulate those of us who have been fighting for the correct interpretation of reality.

Feel free to publish this.

Best regards,


(Hans is responding to the article below.)

UN urged  to accept 'ecocide' as international crime
Could be used to prosecute 'climate deniers'

9 Apr 10 - "Ecocide" would be considered a fifth "crime against peace" - alongside war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity - which could be tried at the International Criminal Court to prosecute "climate deniers."
See UN urged  to accept 'ecocide' as international crime





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